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Pilot Course on Conflict Resolution (Coastman Project)

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Beschreibung: The course is a pilot web based course about conflict resolution in Coastal Zone Management with focus on Baltic Sea Region.

The course will provide you a deeper knowledge and understanding of conflict resolution in coastal zone conflicts in Baltic Sea Region from a perspective of Sustainable Development.


In the course you will mainly study:

  • Background and knowledge about environmental conflicts in general and especially according to Coastal Zone Conflicts.
  • Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR): methods and tools.
  • Legislation and agreements important to the BSR and costal zone conflicts.

A virtual case of conflict will be used during the course. The case is the decision to construct and implement a new oil harbour somewhere in Baltic Sea. All participators in the course will be divided in working groups and together analyse the virtual case and choose between 3-4 different locations to place a new oil harbour. The inspiration to the case comes from the COASTMAN projects.

Kontakt: Jan Fidler
E-Mail: fidler@kth.se
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